15 Scintillating Stats on Hitman

15 Scintillating Stats on Hitman
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15 Scintillating Stats on Hitman

Rohit has really turned around his fortune since he started opening for Team India in 2013. He is arguably one of the best All-Time openers in limited-overs cricket and has been phenomenal hitter in recent times rightfully earning the title of Hitman. Let's have a look at his lesser-known stats.

1. Rohit takes the least innings per 50+ score by an ODI opener. He scores a 50 every second inning he plays. Lara, Coetzer, Amla, and Sachin have the next best ratio of innings.

2. Rohit has the best conversion rate at a particular age in ODIs for a minimum of 10 innings. He converted 88% of his fifties into tons at the age of 32.

3. Rohit is the only batsman to average over 50 as an opener in ODIs. He averages an unreal 58.11

4. Rohit, Amla and Sachin are the only ODI batsmen to score more than 6 tons at a particular age. Rohit and Amla have done it twice.

5. Rohit has the highest conversion rate (47%) as an ODI opener. Next best are Gibbs(43%) and Amla(41%) who have converted their fifties into tons at a very healthy rate.

6. Rohit Sharma is the first cricketer to score 2 centuries in his first two innings at two different batting positions in Test cricket.
177 & 111* at no. 6
176 &127 at no. 2

7. Rohit has the highest difference in average(24) before and after 'Age 30' among the batsmen with 7000+ ODI runs.
Rohit: 24(+)
Ross: 22(+)
Chanderpaul: 16(+)
ABD: 15(+)
Sanga: 12(+)
Amla: 12(-)
Dilshan: 12(+)
Yuvraj: 11(-)

8. Rohit has taken 4th fewest deliveries to reach 9000 ODI runs.
ABD: 9005 balls
Gilchrist: 9351 balls
Kohli: 9844 balls
Rohit: 10124 balls
Sanath: 10125 balls
Dhoni: 10169 balls
Sachin: 10446 balls

9. Venues on which Rohit has 100+ average:-
Bulawayo 279
Jaipur 193
Mumbai (BS) 162
Kolkata 136
North Sound 125
Southampton 123
Perth 123
Canberra 111
Bengaluru 109
Dubai (DSC) 106

10. Rohit has a unique record of scoring a fifty in his 50th, 100th and 150th IPL match. He is the only player to do so.

11. When Rohit hits at least one 6 in his innings, he averages 63.70 for Mumbai Indians. Also, he averages an incredible 75 in the wins.

12. Rohit has the highest 'Boundary per Inning' ratio in ODIs among batsmen with 7000+ runs. He scores ~7 boundaries every innings. Next best are Sachin(6), Amla(5) & Dilshan(5).

13. Rohit has 5 ducks from the innings when he batted as a striker opener. None as Non-striker opener.

14. Among all the batsmen with 7000+ ODI runs, Rohit has the 3rd best conversion rate(41%) in ODIs after Kohli(43%) and Amla(42%).

15. After Kohli(6), Rohit(7) and Amla(7) take the least number of innings to score a ton among all the batsmen with 7000+ ODI runs.

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