Contributors of IPL (Run%)

Contributors of IPL (Run%)
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Contributors of IPL (Run%)

Moving aside from the best Averages & Strike Rates in IPL, we will be considering Run% as a determinant of contribution to the team. Extras have been deducted from the Team runs while calculating the percentage to find a truer contribution.

Starting with the big guns, here’s the top 5 for a minimum of 3000 runs scored in the league.

#5 Ajinkya Rahane (19.8%)

This surprise entry in Top 5 is the least convincing. If you see the highlighted seasons, his team has done well when his Run% is on the lower side and vice versa. Rahane struck 130+ only in 2019 & 2015. 2015 was naturally good(bulk of runs at healthy pace) and 2019 could be called an exception where Team won only 38% games while his SR was 137. Maybe even that wasn’t good enough.

#4 AB de Villiers (20.5%)

Even though it isn’t highlighted, 2017 is the most prominent feature of the chart. RCB won only 3 games that season and ABD didn’t play any of them. His SR is also very low by his standards -134.

Except for this one bad season (& 2010 if you count), AB’s contribution and its pace have been phenomenal. It doesn’t really resonate with Win% but since the Strike Rates are amazing, his contribution can't be questioned.

#3 Virat Kohli (21.5%)

You would think that a huge tower in the middle over 2016 has gotta be the best in the season in terms of contribution. But it's only 4th best followed by Shaun Marsh at the top for his fireball form in the inaugural season where he scored 37.2% of Punjab’s runs. It could have been highest if not for ABD who also had a terrific season with a contribution of 27% of team runs.

Kohli’s 2011, 2013 & 2016 were outstanding in terms of contribution with a healthy SR. Much like for ABD, 2017 is an exception for Kohli as well. His SR was one of his lowest (122) in this season while scoring almost 24% of the team runs.

#2 Chris Gayle (23.9%)

The only time his team did well while he wasn’t the major contributor was the golden season for Kohli. The towering effect of 2011 is unarguably the greatest impacting season ever in terms of batting but only 3rd best in terms of Run%.

Since SR has never been an issue with the Universe Boss, the graph is quite proportional.

#1 David Warner (25.6%)

Goliath has yet again been defeated by David, this time for the top spot in the list of contribution. Evidently, Warner is the key to his team’s success. SRH’s depleted batting order contributes as much as anything to compel Warner to play anchor, and he’s been the best at it.

The lowest Win% in a season where Warner contributed in bulk is 50% last year where he almost broke Marsh’s record of highest Run% in a season. In 6 out of 10 seasons, Warner’s contribution was over 20% runs with SR 140+ which is quite exceptional, to say the least.

Fireworks season after season. It's only a matter of time when Warner will have almost all batting records in IPL..

Additional Stats on Run%

>Highest Run% in a season:-
(min 300 runs)

Marsh: 37.2% (2008)
Warner: 37.1% (2019)
Gayle: 34.5% (2011)
Kohli: 34% (2016)
Gayle: 33.3% (2012)

>Highest % of Team Runs in Playoffs:-
(min 150 runs)

Rahane: 28.2%
Simmons: 23.4%
Saha: 23.2%
Warner: 23%
Gayle: 22.6%

>Highest % of Runs when Team scores 180+
(min 500 runs)

Hussey: 30.5%
Rahane: 30.1%
Warner: 30%
Marsh: 28.2%
Dhawan: 25.3%

>Highest % of Runs when Team gets All-Out
(min 100 runs)

Hussey: 26.7%
Sachin: 22.5%
Rahul: 22.4%
Uthappa: 21.2%

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