T20 Marshals of India in Numbers

T20 Marshals of India in Numbers
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T20 Marshals of India in Numbers

Team India has been blessed to have 2 of the most prominent T20 batsmen of our time. Their records, memorable innings, and impact on the game are astonishing to say the least. Lets dive in deeper to see how they fair under different parameters.

Few points to note:-
a. Throughout the analysis, Virat is denoted in red color and Rohit in blue.
b. B% is the Boundary%
c. Conversion% is the rate of converting 30s into 50s/100s
d. T20I sample size: All batsmen with 1000+ runs

  1. Overall T20Is

Kohli and Rohit have most runs and most 50s in T20I history with a fair margin. Where Kohli converts 65% of his 30+ score into 50s-100s, Rohit has the second best conversion rate (76%) after Kusal Parera who sits at top with an unbeilevable 80%. Although, there is a good difference in the boundary%, Virat makes up for that with better strike rotation which brings his SR same as the Hitman.

Its no news that Virat’s superlative Avg is the best in T20Is, but Rohit hasn’t done bad either and finds himself amid the likes of Universe boss and Captain Kane.


  1. T20I Wins

    Virat maintains top spot(65) in terms of Avg with a SR of 137. Rohit’s numbers definitely look more than decent(Avg 41 & SR 141) individually but on comparison he is lost in the crowd.
    Thisara Parera(purple) has the best combination of SR+Avg hands down. An Avg of 62 and SR of 182 is by far the best cumulative numbers in T20I wins.

  2. T20I Losses

    Virat’s average is 4th best after Duminy(green), Babar and Faf in the losses whereas Rohit averages a meagre 18 with a questionable SR of 126. On SR scale too, Virat is second only to Faf, Rahul, Kock and Maxwell.
    Safe to say Faf has done best in this category with Virat standing his ground strong.

  3. Batting at the Top in T20Is

    This is very similar to their respective career performance except for the slight improvement as they both have batted in top 3 more than 70% of their career.

  4. T20Is_Home & Away

    Virat is ahead any which way in both the departments. Although, interesting to note that Rohit enjoys playing Away more than he does at Home. Understandable for Hitman who likes the ball to come nicely on to the bat. Thus his best Avg comes in places like England, South Africa & New Zealand.
    As for Virat, he shines everywhere, courtesy incredible adaption to the conditions.

  5. T20Is vs Opponents

    Virat averages over 60 vs Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia and West Indies which justifies his claim to the throne. Such pedigree against 2/4 high class attacks in the world is a testament of his supremacy. Rohit has found it difficult to find feet against the very same opponents except for the Carribbean attack.

  6. T20Is in SENA countries

    Virat averages best among players with more than 15 innings in SENA countries. He maintains a healthy average of 44 with same strike rate as Rohit.

  7. T20Is vs SENA countries

    On a filter of minimum 30 innings, Virat tops the list again with an average of 42 with even better SR than Rohit. Both have 11 fifties but Rohit has converted 80% of his 30s into milestones. Low score dismissals have taken a toll on Rohit’s average though.
    The best player here will have to be Gayle whose cumulative Avg+SR is imperious.
    Babar has been impressive as well vs & in SENA both, averaging more than others, but it will be interesting to see if he can maintain it for longer span like Kohli.

  8. T20Is_Batting 1st

    This is clearly Rohit’s arena where he has an upper hand on Virat in all the departments. Hitman enjoys batting more on the fresh wicket than Kohli whilst maintaining a heavy 75% conversion rate. The margin of Boundary% between the two has become smaller in 1st innings where Virat also nears 60%.

  9. T20Is_Batting 2nd

    Had to, had to change the graph type just to show the difference of Kohli’s impact from the crowd. The Bradman of LOI chases? Quite literally.

  10. T20Is_Current form (last 10 innings)

    Both the Indian superstars have been quite poor from their own standards and have similar numbers with Avg around 35 and SR below 135. Rahul, Babar and Maxwell stand out on current form.

  11. T20Is_Year-wise performance

    Kohli’s 2016 was obvious to top any list on any filters but his 2014 and 2019 are also better than the best years of Rohit. In 2019, Kohli had a 100% conversion rate from 10 innings which is quite spectacular.

  12. IPL_Overall

    Both have excellent records for their respective franchises. Lets look deeper under various situations.

  13. IPL_Batting 1st

    Rohit strikes better than Kohli batting 1st. Also his Boundary% is elevated than his usual while Kohli plays lesser dots batting first which is quite understandable.

  14. IPL_Batting 2nd

    Kohli trumps Rohit on all forays here especially on the main parameters where his Avg and SR is much better than the MI captain.

  15. IPL_Powerplays

    Both Rohit & Kohli make cautious starts in Powerplays striking under 120. While Kohli maintains a prolific Avg of 40, Rohit has been decent with 30. Although, Rohit plays more than 50% deliveries as dots.

  16. IPL_Middle Overs

    Interestingly, both have better SR than they have with field restrictions. Dot% has come down significantly too as it should have. Rohit averages better than his usual but Virat still trumps this battle with supreme Avg+SR.

  17. IPL_Death overs

    Nothing splits the two in the penultimate and death overs. Unerringly same figures throughout.

  18. IPL_vs Bowling Teams

    Kohli averages 50+ vs 4 teams while Rohit averages 50+ only against his previous franchise where his IPL career actually took off. Rohit’s record vs KKR can be called a distinction for their bowling prowess and his ton against them is easily one of his most memorable IPL innings.

  19. IPL_vs Premium Bowlers

    The best thing about this category is that they both have faced almost same number of deliveries which makes it easier to compare. Even though Kohli played marginally more number of dots as compared to Rohit, his SR is almost 120 while Rohit manages just run a ball. The most prominent insight from this category would be Kohli’s Average which is almost twice as that of Hitman.

  20. IPL_Playoffs

    While Kohli hasn’t been impressive by his standards, Rohit’s number in Playoffs are forgettable to say the least. An average of just 13 with 17 dismissals is a big question on his abilities to perform on bigger stages. His SR negates the factor of playing the role of hitter.

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