Sachin Trivia

Sachin Trivia
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Sachin Trivia

Let's look at some interesting facts about the master blaster!

1. The first player ever to be given out by the 3rd umpire. It happened in 1992 vs SA when Sachin got run out at 11 while getting back in the crease, courtesy brilliance of the fielder who was none other than Jonty Rhodes.
The indication was given through the green light, the then signal to declare a batsman out.

2. Even if Sachin missed all his 100 centuries and rather scored tons in all the innings where he got 90s, he would still be in the top 45 players in the list of International tons.

3. Sachin is one of the only 5 visitors to score a ton on Australian soil before the age of 20. Others are Graeme Pollock, Salman Butt, Hearne & Adrian Bharath. Among all(including Australians), Sachin is still the youngest ever to score a ton.

4. An astonishing 40+ Test average across hosts and across opponents. Hallmark of his true greatness.

5. 56 is the lowest ODI score that Sachin never got against his name on the scoreboard at the end of the innings. 58, 59, 75, 76, and 92 are the only other numbers under 100.

6. Has 99 ODIs and 86 Test partnership tons. Interestingly, in Tests, he has partnership tons with Mishra, Zaheer, and Harbhajan but not with Kohli.

7. Sachin-Dravid have most Test runs with most centuries. In the 2010s, when they were batting together, it was only the second occasion in the history, in over 100 years, when the top 2 Test scorers were sharing the crease. 
Although, the highest averaging duo is Sachin-Ganguly for a minimum of 4000 Test runs.

8. Sachin was the first overseas player to be signed by Yorkshire who otherwise had a self-imposed residential qualification rule. He scored an 86 on debut against legendary Malcolm Marshall at the age of just 19.

9. Sachin has the highest SR in IPL for Mumbai Indians in the last 2 overs(min 30 balls) of the innings. Many would expect the likes of Pollard & Hardik here but Sachin struck at 243.

10. Sachin has scored his 43 out of his 49 ODI tons opening as the Non-Striker with an impeccable average of 50. While opening as striker batsman he has just 2 hundreds and an average of 36.

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